Tutorial for music production and audio technology

Tutorial for music production and audio technology

Working with a career in music and entertainment is definitely something exciting. With the growth of all technology today, the music produced in the industry is somewhat different from the old days. Now everything is fresher, of higher quality, and is always focused on being better than the latest creation. Because of this, the professions in this area require the most skilled knowledge from any individual who works as a sound engineer or in audio production, and choosing the school to get the education is no joke. This guide gives you insight into the best music production schools and sound recording schools around the country to further assist you with the critical, life-changing decision.

Nowadays music and audio production are already a recognized field. There are plenty of career opportunities for those who are naturally interested and inclined to create and construct music, regardless of whether they are musicians in their albums, scores in a movie or audio track of a commercial. In this profession, it is about creating something that can surpass the others before and that everything is cultivated into skill. But how exactly do you get everything that needed skill and training? The answer is: the training you receive.

So what exactly are the schools that are remarkable? Here are some of the best music production schools open today:

Institute for Production and Recording

The Institute for Production and Recording started in 2002 with four founders: Terry Mhyre, Jack Robinson, Lance Sabin and Tom Tucker, Sr. There are two core programs in the school, namely: Associate in Applied Science Degree Program for Music and Entertainment Business and Associate in Applied Science Degree Program in Audio Production and Technology. IPR also offers Digidesign certificate courses and programs designed to build skills in using Pro Tools System and an education for Apple Logic Pro Certification to become skilled in Logic Pro.

Musicians Institute

The institution is a music production school that offers student programs that can help build career in the professional recording industry. MI includes its comprehensive, in-depth training with state-of-the-art laboratories and studios. Apart from audio and music production, they also handle post production in film and television. The studios at MI are updated, state-of-the-art and use equipment like Neve, SSL, DigiDesign and Neumann.

Los Angeles Recording School

Los Angeles Recording School began in 1985 and was first a vocational education school for recording engineers. The school aims to give its students the best training and education on todays industrys ever-changing equipment and techniques through a faculty of experienced engineers and the music industry. The LARS program focuses on music production, digital recording and audio after-production for movies and television. The school also allows students to attend either full-time or part-time, with an average of 25 and 19 hours each week.

Columbia Academy

Since 1967, the Columbia Academy has provided high-quality education for students who are considering a career in the music and entertainment industry. Columbia Academy provides courses that train students in the fields of broadcasting, music recording, sound design, after-production of audio and video and film production. The school consists of 3 recording studios to accommodate the courses hands on training and practical applications. In the Columbia Academy program, students can choose between two streams, which suits them best - either music recording or after production for movies and television. The recording and sound design program runs for 11 months (44 weeks), supervised by instructors who have earned many years of experience in sound design. The program consists of four modules consisting of 80 hours of combined classroom theories, practical instruction and supervised hand at the lab / study time. Classes run 5 times a week, 4 hours a day.

Choosing who will give you the best education for your future career is no easy task, especially with all audio production schools to choose from nowadays. For the serious student who wants a career as a music or audio engineer or something in audio production, its most important to find a school that offers a comprehensive curriculum and comprehensive training to make you experience all aspects of music production. And in this constantly developed field, it is crucial to look among all audio engineering schools for an institution with programs that can follow the different times.

The task of choosing your music-producing school is no joke. It is an important decision that greatly affects your future career. Read up, ask questions, call office and make the decision that suits you.

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